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Social Media Management

Everything you need to know about our Management Services.

Lift Up Marketing is the agency that will help you grow your Social Media accounts and build brand awareness based on natural growth and mainly “free” advertising techniques. What does “free” mean? It means that we won’t run Advertising Campaigns for your brand/page through the Advertising System on Social Media Networks, we will bring you natural growth with our own and unique techniques which will make your content goes viral and your audience grow with NO COST.

Why do we think this is better than standard advertising? We will cut the expenses of your brand budget which is really clear, but the main reason why it is better is that people believe more in the content that shares than in the one that advertises! You will rather buy the hamburger that your friend is sharing on Social Media than the one that pops up like the advertising picture on your Social Media News Feed, right? That’s what we call the power of natural growth, it’s a perfect choice based on whatever your business is about!

Perfect for small business, kick-start entrepreneurs and pages that want to grow bigger.

  • Growing your account (100-200 new TARGETED followers a day).
  • Research of your potential customers/followers.
  • Business/Monetization consulting.
  • Logo design for your brand page.
  • Hashtag research ( an important factor for sharing content).

Perfect for brands, senior entrepreneurs and pages that want to go viral.

  • Level 1 services +
  • Likes (1000-1500 likes per picture from other big accounts in our 150M+ network which means no fake likes!).
  • Content Source ideas (we will find 10+ similar pages like yours to scrape/copy/get ideas for content you create).
Likes info: We have over 1600 clients in our network that distribute content on daily basis and grow their pages on the same natural growth you will grow, they will like your content daily which will deliver you around 1000-1500 likes per post daily (if you post 1 picture a day, if you post more content, each content will have different number of likes). Our network counts over 150M+ audience based on the number of followers, that means that based on Instagram Algorithm you have a chance to go viral which will bring you tons of followers. The chance of going viral cannot be granted since it has so many factors.

Perfect for brands, services and pages that want to grow bigger and build trusted audience.

  • Level 1&2 +
  • Web Design.
  • Business consulting with our professionals.
  • Premium Logo design + mockups.

Let us create you awesome content and save your time.

  • Quotes Creation (quotes+HQ pictures+awesome design)
  • Promo banners creation
  • Video Creation

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